Bass Adjustment - Unity In Diversity

Unity In Diversity (All In Together Now)

Release Date : March 3, 2017



Bass Adjustment drop their third release this year with Unity in Diversity (All in Together Now) featuring J-BiRD the Straybird, aka LA based solo artist Jamal DeGruy.

True to their funk and jazz tradition, Bass Adjustment infuse the track with elements of pop and electronica, weaving in oriental echoes and the voice of J-BiRD, who’s hip hop influence does not go unnoticed on this track. As co-founder of Justice Leeg, an LA underground group of the mid-90s, and a member of the DawnBreaker Collective, J-BiRD brings to the table the world class talent we’re used to from Bass Adjustment. The now solo artist was stoked to collaborate with BA on their newest release, saying as he loves to, that he “Can’t stop and won’t stop” producing and writing songs that rock crowds to the core all over the planet.

Against the backdrop of continued heartbreaking news from around the world, the track’s lyrics prove once more that Bass Adjustment is tuned in to the healing message of love needed most these days: “The point and the hope is to be unified. For a chance to live life in the sun dignified”.