Let In The Light

Release Date : May 29, 2015



At once deeply gentle yet incredibly powerful, LET IN THE LIGHT is the soul-stirring new track by BASS ADJUSTMENT. With a focus on meeting prejudice with love and light, the song’s lyrics make a compelling appeal to humanity’s higher nature:

“Combatting prejudice with aggression ain’t gonna be the remedy. Teach the young ones coming up to appreciate diversity like they’re flowers of one garden, held together by love…”

LET IN THE LIGHT features vocals by Corinne Bahia from Michigan who is an emerging artist currently living in Germany and blends together a variety of musical styles into an amalgam of soulful dance in true BASS ADJUSTMENT fashion.

Releasing on May 29 2015 and available on all major platforms, LET IN THE LIGHT is BASS ADJUSTMENTS 6th release. Founder and Head Producer Raha Poostchi says:

“Let in the Light was a passion project that was born from my growing frustration with news coverage on the situation in Gaza. It seems that the only way people want to deal with the situation is by assigning blame to one side or another in an ever ongoing fight that is nothing short of insane. Let in the Light is like prayer really, to simply stop, take a moment to appreciate what we have in common and build something new!”