Release Date : August 26, 2016



BELIEVE is this year’s second release by BASS ADJUSTMENT, making it their 9th release overall. Performed by UK-born Jamaican artist, Emily Kay, the track brings together not only a variety of musical styles and elements, but also a range of collaborators as vocals were recorded in the UK and the track was produced in Austria. Kay’s Caribbean roots and natural love of reggae add to the richness of texture in BELIEVE.

Kay, who is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, recently delivered her latest single FOOL FOR YOU and landed a spot in CD Pool’s Urban April 2016 DJ compilation package. Some of her other singles entered the UKG Top Ten at number 5 and landed an EDM Worldwide exclusive via Beat 1. A BEFFTA Award Nominee, Kay provides a high standard and a unique sound – something BASS ADJUSTMENT continues to uphold with each new release.

BELIEVE draws on reggae, jazz, soulful house and RnB to deliver the message that believing in unity is the prerequisite for its realization. With lyrics such as “We gotta believe in unity…Join hands with your sister, Join hand with your brother”, the track hits a contemporary nerve. It reminds us of the prevailing issues of our day. This is perhaps why it connects so strongly with Kay:

“I love all forms of music but as long as it has a heartfelt meaning to the lyrics, I love music even more”, she says.