Love Love Love



Bass Adjustment’s newest jazz-funk track, LOVE LOVE LOVE, is now out. Featuring Karim Rushdy and JC, the track is up-beat yet critical of the forces that fuel an increasingly entrenched sense of personal entitlement and indifference in the world. It questions our identities as self-interested economic units, striving to claim an ever- greater share of the world’s material resources and promotes instead a return to contentment, moderation, benevolence and above all love for other – over indifference and hatred.

The artists, JC and Karim have been collaborating since 2006, with multiple production credits as songwriters and vocal artists. Their signature feel-good music reflects BASS ADJUSTMENT’s focus on life’s big questions and borders on the dance-pop genre. Though Canadian, the artists see themselves as world citizens, working in their Egyptian, Persian, Irish and Scottish roots.